A member of the Estonian Ballet Union has the right to apply for partial compensation of medical expenses for health damage caused by working as a dancer. The Ballet Union compensates up to 80% of the amount indicated on the payment document on medical expenses. The deadlines for applications for reimbursement of medical expenses are January 10th, April 10th, July 10th and October 10th.

Procedure for applying for compensation for medical expenses

In order to receive the compensation, an application with payment documents on the medical expenses shall be submitted to the management board of the Ballet Union. The management board of the Ballet Union examines the applications for compensations at least 4 times a year, i.e. at least once per quarter. After having examined all applications for compensations, a written reply is sent to all applicants on the satisfaction or refusal to satisfy the application within 30 working days. Upon refusal to satisfy an application, the management board gives reasons therefor in writing.

The management board has the right to decide the amount to be compensated based on the Union’s financial possibilities each quarter.

By submitting an application for compensation, the applicant agrees that the management board of the Union processes the applicant’s sensitive health data. By accepting an application for compensation, the management board of the Ballet Union ensures the confidentiality of health data.