Pursuant to the articles of association, a member of the Estonian Ballet Union is a professional dancer trained in ballet who has the respective diploma or acts in their field of activity (as a dancer, choreographer, teacher, etc.). To become a member, one shall fill out an application and send it by e-mail to balletiliit@balletiliit.ee or by mail to Uus tn 5 10111, Tallinn. All members of the Estonian Ballet Union are also members of the Estonian Theatre Union, which is the umbrella organisation of professional unions.

The membership fee of the Estonian Ballet Union is 0.5% of the monthly income of a member working in this field. Membership fee of the Estonian Theatre Union is 1% of the monthly income of a member. Pursuant to the respective application, the accountants of the Estonian National Opera, SA Teater Vanemuine, and the Tallinn Ballet School withhold the membership fees automatically. The yearly membership fee of freelance members is 6% of the Estonian minimum rate of pay (12x0,5% from monthly minimum rate of pay). This year, the fee is 49,20 euros and the due date for payment is 31 December 2024. The yearly membership fee of the Estonian Theatre Union for freelance members is 66,00 euros (5,50 per month) and for retired members who receive superannuated pension, it is 12 euros (if the member no longer works in the field of dance). Members of over 70 years of age are exempted from membership fee. 

The amount of membership fee for freelance creative persons within the past 3 years:

The minimum rate of pay in Estonia
Ballet Union monthly payment
Ballet Union yearly

Theatre Union monthly payment
Theatre Union yearly payment
Ballet and Theatre Union yearly payments
654 €
3,27 €
39,24 €
5,50 €
66,00 €
105,24 €
725 €
3,63 €
43,50 €
5,50 €
66,00 €
109,50 €
2024820 €4,10 €49,20 €5,50 €66,00 €115,20 €

When making a payment of the membership fee, please note in the details the period for which you are paying. 

The membership fees of the Ballet Union and the Theatre Union are transferred to different bank accounts:

The Estonian Ballet Union


The Estonian Theatre Union


The Estonian Ballet Union contributes to the development of the field, first and foremost, by supporting the creative development of members. The Union distributes the support for artistic associations provided by the Ministry of Culture to support the artistic activities of members and provide scholarships for in-service training. The Union also distributes the operating subsidy of the endowment of the art of acting of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, the purpose of which, first and foremost, is to compensate for the profession-related medical expenses and to organise joint visits to cultural performances. From the side menu, you will find the procedure for the division of support and scholarships and application forms with filled-in sample forms.