"Tantsi mulle muusikat" at Rakvere and Tartu

The collaboration between the top pianist Johan Randvere and the soloist of the Estonian National Ballet Ketlin Oja creates a special ballet and music program, which is connected into a single whole by Estonia's most emotional lines of poetry from Juhan Liiv to Kristiina Ehin. At the concert, classical gems from Liszt to Beethoven will be presented, embellished by the works of Estonian choreographers. Ketlin Oja is also making her debut as a choreographer. With the concert evening, we hope to notice all those special human feelings that are hidden in the soul through dance, music and poetry. Quoting Doris Kareva's poems: hear, feel and see!

Pianist: Johan Randvere
Dancers: Ketlin Oja and Cristiano Principato (Estonian National Ballet).

Tickets for Rakvere performance can be found here!

Tickets for Tartu performance can be found here!