Choreographers of the Estonian National Ballet


This event is marked by creativity, freshness, variety and uniqueness that comes to life when the dancers of the Estonian National Ballet step out of the frames set to them by the creativity of others, and let their fantasy and bodies speak. This summer the dancers change their ballet shoes for the shoes of a choreographer-stage director and discover a choreographer within themselves, bringing to the audience fresh choreographic etudes performed by the dancers of the Estonian National Ballet.

Linnar Looris: “Estonian National Ballet has a varied repertoire and is made up of wonderful dancers who have all the prerequisites of becoming fascinating masters of dance. But how are choreographers born? From among the dancers. Come and be part of special moments of creation and discover new future talents!”

Keep an eye on Cristiano Principato, Laura Maya, Anthea van der Ham, Ana Maria Gergely, Andrea Fabbri, Connor Williams, Jordan London, Leonardo Celegato, Mia Li, Anatole Blaineau, Akane Ichii, Triinu Leppik-Upkin!

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